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Good reads, good times, good company…

Starting a bookclub a year or two ago has been so enriching. I am learning things about people I have known for years through our discussions and adventures. Sometimes we plan an adventure attached to the book, there’s community service with some of our reads and we always have a laugh. I invited a few ladies to read with me and together we have forged a community friendship built around books and our get togethers.

More on that later, here is what we are up to now, our last meeting was at The Royce in Detroit.

We shared charcuterie and wine and had a lively talk about our last read, The Perfect Mother by Molloy.

Lots of suggestions to read and after a few hours of conversation we settled on our next read, I Was Told To Come Alone by Souad Mekhennet.

For some background, I found this YouTube video.

Our evening ends with a treat or a takeaway and tonight it was pixie plants and succulents in vintage teacups.


Some recent reads are pictured below:




Patience Pleaze