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Time to Book a Staycation

Staycation, yes you must take one!

A staycation, as defined by Merriam Webster’s Dictionary:


(noun) stay·ca·tion, ˈstā-ˈkā-shən
a vacation spent at home or nearby

Anyone who is raising a family, working, studying, care-giving, multi-tasking, and giving it their best hustle to get through all it takes every week to hold a life/lives together deserves a staycation! Do it, calling all moms, wives, sisters, step mothers, mother-in laws, aunts, daughters, and grandmothers. Recommended to all ladies! Get your crew and plan a lady staycation. Call, text, email your lady gang, mom posse, girl squad and get planning.

In the last year I have been lucky enough to host and attend a couple of staycations. First thing I want to say is, “Do it!” I could not recommend it more strongly. Gather your girl squad and plan. Hosting can be done in one’s home or a hotel, motel, camper, campsite, where there is room for 4-5 girls to catch up and take a breather from day to day doldrums. A simple night to catch up with your friends, take a break from everything else to talk, share, connect, laugh, and rest. Who knew that twenty-four hours away from home could do so much good?

The first staycation I attended was at my own home. To host, I had to clear out the house for a day. I planned to have my friends stay over on a night I knew my husband and son could be away from home. We started the staycation planning via text and over coffee. In the planning we kicked around a lot of ideas, some near some far. Because we don’t all get together that often we initially wanted to plan a luxury weekend however timing and budgets wouldn’t allow it so plan B was a sleepover. Wow, we packed in a lot and had some good adventures. We started with an Uber ride to The Ten a nail salon in Detroit. Manicures and mimosas, a perfect start.

We then ventured to one of my favorite spots in the city for a glass of wine and charcuterie, The Royce. All of us enjoyed leaving work, family, worries aside. Our focus was having a relaxing time for a 24 hours with none of our usual concerns and commitments. Catching up, recalling good times, and remembering why we all love one another was treasured.

Tipping a glass and catching up.

After relaxing we grabbed another Uber and headed home. A nap and time to get ready for dinner was the plan. Having the concentrated time without the distractions of our everyday work and family life made the day sweeter. We were all on a mission to unwind and celebrate our friendships. In the spirit of making it special one gal brought us all PJs that matched, another added monogrammed slippers. Another friend treated us to face masks and lotion.

Dinner was discussed and while going out initially sounded like a good plan we decided a better plan was to have dinner at home prepared for us. We used a local chef service and were not disappointed.

After dinner we were in full PJ party mode with face masks and slippers on. Our night ended with swapping stories, struggles and laughs.

The next day after breakfast, (in the fridge made by chef the night before) and much coffee we went to an early matinee. Our day ended with all of us rejuvenated, our spirits warmed by one another and remarking, “We have to do this more often.”

Last weekend, I had the chance to have a staycation in the city of Detroit with another squad of girls, lets just call it my, “local girl gang”. One friend booked rooms at a hotel and we all met at 3 pm on a Saturday. Our first adventure was happy hour in our hotel then out to explore the D.  We explored The Belt and The Skip, having a cocktail and taking in the scene.

The warmth around the table nourished our connections.
A birds eye view of The Belt, Detroit.
The Candy Bar at the Siren Hotel, Detroit.

We wandered into The Candy Bar at The Siren Hotel. None of us wanted to leave, the setting, company, cocktails, and staff were pure magic. In fact, so much magic that plans are underway for our next visit.

Next we were onto dinner where we shared life/family updates, victories, and concerns. Swapping advice, experience and sharing our plates fed our hearts and minds.

It’s a bit of a secret as to how we got onto the rooftop of one Detroit landmark to get these pics.

My advice is to get busy getting un busy. Get your squad together at home or locally without distractions. A staycation is just the downtime you need.

Patience Pleaze