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There are some new wheels in Detroit

Bird Scooters have arrived in the city of Detroit. Just the thought of scooting around town made me happy. I could not wait to try them. The scooters are a pilot program that recently launched in the city. Bird is a scooter sharing program that is similar to bike sharing service MoGo. Daytime use is all that is offered at this time. The scooters are picked up and serviced each evening at sunset and are back “nesting” in the city by 7 am. Once I navigated the Bird app I was ready to ride. Bird users must be 18 and must upload their drivers license & a credit card. The cost is one dollar to start each ride and after that it is fifteen cents a minute. The scooters are parked all around the city, not at a specific docking area which I found a bit confusing. Once I found a nest (three scooters together) in Grand Circus park I got riding.

Using the App you can see where there are scooters parked and ready for use. The day I rode I noted that Campus Martius had a few “nests.”

My experience was great. I saw many others taking advantage of the scooters to get from one spot to another. I found using bike lanes and larger sidewalks easy and fun. I spent nearly two hours scooting all over the city and loved it!

Patience Pleaze