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A Foodie Good Adventure in the ‘Burbs

In the metro Detroit area there are international markets. Through some good adventures I have explored a few.

One that I am partial to is 168 Asian Market on John R. Road in Madison Heights. Why the name 168? In Chinese culture the number 168 is associated with good luck and good fortune. This gem is an authentic Asian market. If you are a foodie that likes to cook and explore new flavors this is your place. The market carries Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese products. From fresh food to kitchen utensils, 168 has it. It is worth a visit. 168’s aisles are a colorful cultural experience that are worth exploring.

In the fresh fish area, you can pick out a live sea bass, eel or lobster and have it cooked. At the meat counter you can order a fresh Chinese hot pot and enjoy it in store. Dim sum and other cooked food offerings are in the rear of the store. The eating area is simple and small.

The tea section is large and if your looking for, “special gun powder tea” you will find it. 

Countless noodles line the shelves along with sauces and dried vegetables. The frozen section is filled with treats from mochi, steamed buns, dumplings and spring rolls. 168 has a bakery and produce section filled with items you don’t find at your local metro market.  Looking for lemongrass, magosteens or jackfruit? At 168 you can find them and more.

Having visited 168 many times I have brought home fresh fish, dumplings and additional finds. My teenager found a soft drink he likes and we always pick up some shrimp chips and sweets. Looking for Korean beauty products and Lucky cats? Good, they have those too. 168 is a good adventure that does not disappoint.

Patience Pleaze