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An Idea that Could Go Up in Smoke or Land on Your Plate?

Pop ups and supper clubs are here to stay and often are on the front end of what is fresh in the culinary landscape. I read about a new kind of supper club in the Chicago Tribune today. Learning about Table4twenty prompted me to research other like minded efforts going on. Both Herbal Notes and Table4twenty are Chicago based. A pot supper club is an interesting idea and may be the way of the future in Michigan with the legalization of recreational Marijuana.

Marijuana has moved on from high school pot brownies, here diners experience marijuana as an enriching component to cocktails and fine dining.

To CBD or THC or to not? CBD is a legal marijuana compound that produces a relaxing effect and does not give users a high. THC is the marijuana compound that produces a high or stoned feeling. To further my knowledge on cannabis infused cooking I am taking a look at the website for the magazine Kitchen Toke. There are recipes and information on dosing. I am intrigued. Marijuana is here to stay and the assessability, demand and use is growing. It is something to think about…

Interesting update from Kitchen Toke:

The Science of Microdosing Cannabis

Patience Pleaze